Hello from Mullens AmeriCorps

ME working on the Blog Page


Hello, all My Name is Ariel I am one of four AmeriCorps members from the small town of Mullens. We Work with the Raul Appalachian Improvement League at the Mullens Opportunity Center to help make our community a better place. So a Little about me, I am 25 and chose to serve as am AmeriCorps CCC member because it is a great opportunity. the main reason I signed up was because I want to get back in to school and this program offers a small amount towards college. I am posting because, well to be honest because our blog Page needs to be updated, but since I have your attention let me tell you about some of the things I have done  during this 6 month term. First I have started to  pick up skills in electrical and other trades that will help in the future. One of the things I am doing is working on updating this website, though I have found it crazy hard because I am working with programs that are new to me, it has been fun because I have found that it is something that I excel at.

Here in Mullens  we have a four man crew right now we are down to three and will be losing a man on Monday April 30th.

So a bit about Ian he was the youngest of our crew at 20 years old. He is planning on going to school for heating and cool, I am not sure what the name of the classes are he said them but sometimes my memory fails me. So the reason he will not be renewing his contract is because school would be starting around the middle of the six month term.


Next we have Chris who is going to be renewing his contract for the third time. he is the handyman of the team he can do anything from pluming to fixing a car. He is about 24, I think He would like to have a handyman business, but I am not to sure he keeps changing his mind.