MOC Gardens

The picture above shows myself and the rest of our local AmeriCorps members working on a garden in the community. At the Mullens Opportunity Center, we are providing local people with their very own gardens! This picture provides a great description of what we have been doing for the last few weeks. For the gardens our team tills the ground, sifts through the soil to rid of any rocks, and plant seeds. As a team, we get things done in an orderly manner. So far, we have eight gardens in the process of being ready to use. Our goal is to till twenty-five gardens and have them ready by Summer time.

Whitney’s First Blog

This picture shows the work we have begun on the garden at the M.O.C.  We have dug ditches to drain the excess water out of the soil. On January 25, 2017 we began and finished the ditch shown. Our members of the M.O.C hope to be able to make the garden flourish with different types of vegetables for our Farmers Market.